The Financial Status Of The Bride’s Family “Dowry”

When the marriage ceremony talks are initiated, a major sector of the society holds the thought that it is the event  dowry for extortion from the bride’s family. Several reasons are cited including the dowry is being demanded to compensate the costs of the groom’s education and liability.  As of dowry Well, the fact that the girl is also a responsibility for the family, not a liability, is ignored widely.

The primary reason behind such desperate measures can be justified through the greed factor. The dowry  Owing to expectations of material benefits from the bride’s family, dowry is demanded for, and at times, when the demands are not met, either the marriage is called off, or the bride is exploited leading to domestic case of such dowry The ancient India was quite liberal in the event of gift exchange during marriage. All of it would rest upon the financial status of the families. Dowry However, at present, the dowry amount and in-kind gift exchange has led to depletion in status of women in the society, and led to depiction of social dowry stance through the networth exchanged. Dowry The financial status of the bride’s family is of little or no significance to the groom’s family leading to prospective dowry extortion in a marriage. Yet again, the bride’s family try to pay it out owing to the fact that losing a marriage proposal would deteriorate their status in the society of dowry When we think of the deep-rooted social evils in our society, dowry system seems to be one of the most influential of them.

Dowry states  With its adoption across different communities across religions or caste has led to a century old ceremony turn into a social atrocity.  As of dowry The gift exchange ceremony to induce harmony in the relations has been severely modified to impose forced monetary extraction from the bride’s family.  And dowry be it in cash or kind, additional financial burden takes a toll on the sufferer.


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