The Dowry financial status of the bride’s family

Owing to expectations of material benefits from the bride’s family, dowry is demanded for, and at times, when the demands are not met, either the marriage is called off, or the bride is exploited leading to domestic violence for dowry. The ancient India was quite liberal in the event of gift exchange during marriage as dowry. All of it would rest upon the financial status of the families.

However, at present, the dowry amount and in-kind gift exchange has led to depletion in status of women in the society, and led to depiction of social stance through the networth exchanged. The Dowry financial status of the bride’s family is of little or no significance to the groom’s family leading to prospective dowry extortion in a marriage. Dowry Yet again, the bride’s family try to pay it out owing to the fact that losing a marriage proposal would deteriorate their status in the society for the dowry With a literacy rate of 74.04% in the country, As of the dowry  it is quite valid to consider it the primary cause for different social evils. Being from the segment that is not knowledgeable about the laws and legislation, they face several atrocities owing to dowry exchange practices.

The dowry cases  they are left with little or no choices and have to meet the demands of the groom’s family, which when not met, leads to exploitation of the women. In dowry  It is quite obvious that women’s status in the society is not an equal one. The plight doesn’t end here. Rather, the society owes its infrastructure buildup to the effective contribution of both genders alike.


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