Luxury In The Traditional American Sense

In luxurious lifestyle It is possible that this refocus is a result of the challenges facing young people today. So many of us have chosen to sacrifice income and stability to follow our passions that luxury in the traditional American sense (increasingly bigger cars, televisions and houses) no longer seems a viable option.

In Luxurious lifestyle there is  a group, we have lower incomes and high expectations. Perhaps this is why our priorities have shifted. Perhaps this is why luxury in the sense of beauty, art, quality and knowledge, has become so precious to us. In luxury this kind of luxury is not inaccessible, but it does take intention. Beauty must be sought out; one must make the conscious choice to discover quality and to enjoy it. I would propose that a cup of coffee isn’t just a cup of coffee.  In luxurious lifestyle it could be a routine pour that you make half asleep that burns your throat but will help get you in the car for your commute in time. Or it could be freshly ground, In Luxurious lifestyle  French-pressed divinity, worth getting up 10 minutes early to pour into your favorite cup as the sun rises just out the kitchen window.

The first seems a very drab way to start the day, the other sounds lovely and luxurious, though admittedly it takes much more effort.


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