Popular Superstitions Examples In Our Society

Primitive society and culture followed customs, ritual and traditional practices. As of superstition   but today even rustic or illiterate persons areamenable to reason. For the superstiton  they are often prepared to give up their blind and obsolete ideas if they are made to see reason in the changed outlook.

Many superstitions still rule the lives of the backward classes and tribal people.  In superstition they are ignorant people.  But superstition  when the educated people fill his life with superstitions, we hardly find any explanation.  In superstition to conclude, superstition in India is a sequel to fear for the unseen.  Superstition  seems extremely difficult to erase out from the mind all considerations of a nameless fear, although it is not an unattainable ideal for the Superstition.  In superstition a vast section of people are the victims of superstition for their ignorance even in those fields where the light of science has already reached.

Superstition  are numerous examples of popular superstitions in our society.  In superstition belief in ghosts is traditional and so is the faith in astrology and palmistry.  In superstition If a man sneezes when somebody is going out on a journey, it is thought that the journey would be inauspicious.


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