Superstitions are not Confined to a Particular Caste

Rumours also add to the cut of superstitions. Superstitions are not confined to a particular cast, community or nation. They are almost universal but among the advanced, educated and well-off societies and families, the superstitions are gradually losing ground.

In the west the number “13” is still regarded as unlucky. People try to avoid it at any cost because they think this superstition  the number fatalistic and ominous. It is a taboo for them. This particular superstition has its origin in the last supper of Jesus Christ. When Christ supped last he had 13 disciples and soon after that he was arrested and crucified in superstition . In superstition these god men are in plenty in India. They are having a roaring business. Many political leaders, businessmen, heavy weights and so-called elite throng around these god men.

They produce ashes, watches. Jewels etc. from nowhere to dupe and influence the people. They also indulge in many kinds of anti-social and criminal activities as they easily get political protection and patronage of superstition.The ignorance, fear of the unknown, mystery and religion make the fertile soil for superstitions.


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