The Cultivation of Scientific Spirit spread of Education

The rationalists and enlightened people should come forward and challenge these god men. They should be exposed and public opinion be created against such practices in superstition.

The cultivation of scientific spirit spread of education and rationality can go a long way to check and eradicate superstitions. Superstitions have caused us much harm and ruination. They should be fought against tooth and nail to eradicate superstition . The less a community is educated and enlightened the more it tends to be superstitious for the superstition. Superstitions are a commonly witnessed phenomenon. They can be seen anywhere, anytime, whether at home, in office or on the way. People of every caste, creed or community are superstitious. Though the forms of superstition may vary, their presence can be felt in every society. Superstition is a universal phenomenon.

Even the people of highly rational West are superstitious. It is an integral part of human society.To stop all of a sudden to see a cat crossing our path is a widely seen phenomenon in Indian society.


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