Scientific Enlightenment Challenges Superstition

And how many people waste their time and money with things like UFO’s, Bermuda triangles, ghosts, witchy women, and, of course, my all time favorite, the hollow Earth “theorists.” Of superstition . The list here is endless.

Throw in some power of positive thinking gurus, so-called psychodynamic therapy (Freudian based) and well eradication of superstition. The list never really ends. People have invented endless amounts of nonsense for themselves to keep them firmly ensconced from the wicked verities of  superstition existence. And in this darkness, in this endless murky, twisting jungle of illusion, brash and snotty-nosed science steps forward. What’s that faint  superstition whisper in the wind.   The case for a new scientific enlightenment challenges the common belief that  superstition are not scientific progress in today’s world inevitably entails an element of danger or moral uncertainty.

While many people seem to lack the vision of a genuinely better future, the authors of this collection of essays believe that it is time to make the case for a no more superstition but   positive attitude towards the future Bees are considered extremely auspicious throughout the world.


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