Superstition and Prejudice are Same Sides of One Page

In olden era superstition was prevalent  because there was lack of knowledge and scientific logic. As in superstition when natural calamities and disaster occured such as thunderstorm, floods huriicans  they used to worry about these kind of happening thus they used to worship trees, ghosts, spirits and images. they had not faculties to explain the supernatural calamities  and happening .

In modern age superstitions is present even in civilized societies and cultured atmosphere in superstition. but in modern age scientific logic has eradicated superstition from society.Superstition and prejudice are same sides of one page.  Superstition can compare superstition with prejudice they are both consist on false notion supersitition belongs to natural affairs and prejudice belongs to word  matters. Some superstition   people say that poverty can be treated and cured by God this doctrine   belongs to prejudice. if   superstition be  discuss that storms are caused by supernatural creators this one belongs to superstition.

There are many causes of superstition in our society ignorance and false religion are root of superstition. In rural areas the incilination of superstition is more than urban areas because ignorance and false notions are Superstition. And empty mind is a devil”s workshop if it relates to ignorance and false notion then can be victim of superstition.




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