Superstition Lack of Knowledge and Scientific Logic

Supersition parental guidelines, teacher guidelines, enlightening the campaigns, role of media and developing the scientific attitude, scientific thinking and inculcations of the scientific methods in day to day life of superstition , In this way we can overcome from the superstitions in the society to change the life styles of the modern era.

No matter which part of world you will find the people believe certain beliefs and superstitions and India is no exception in this case of superstition . Though the Indian society is fast progressing, there are many people who are still superstitions and have a strong faith in the local beliefs most of the beliefs have originated from Indian religious texts and scriptures, a Sanskrit scripture. Prescribes the day-to-day behaviors  patterns for the followers of Hindu religion without assigning Supersition can be defined as that man is that creature while which believe rationally and irrationaly on everything.

Superstition there is air which can be estimated by logic and we believe that there is ghost and spirits without any logic and evidence this is called superstition. In olden era superstition was prevalent because there was lack of knowledge and scientific logic.


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