Superstition means the Speaking, Belief or Understanding

Meaning of the Word Superstition The meaning and literary term of the superstition. The word superstition means “falsehood, vain and nonsense talk” and but it is necessary to clarify the meaning of two words reality and truth to get to know the meaning of the phrase superstition.

Superstition Whatever is in the world or universe means reality. Superstition For example, a tree is a reality and that the vine leaves are green in summer is a reality too as in superstition. And when we say angles, fairer, heaven and hell are truth, it means that there are and they have existence, we are at the level of the second meaning of the word “truth”. Superstition Truth means “the original being true and antiauthority “but the term is defined as “the perception of reality” superstitions are its plural”.

Superstition means that if we have the concept of something or understand something and it is our understanding which is out of mind in Superstition, it understands the truth. The term superstition means the speaking, belief or understanding and your belief is superstition.


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