Superstition Miracles and Supernatural Feats

As such there is a section of the society which manipulators the mind of the people to their advantage and a mass wealth and power exhibiting. So called miracles and supernatural feats under the grab of divine blessings.

These superstition are main transporters of superstitions and have got their stronghold on society. Educated and elite class also supports these god men to protect their wasted interests of superstition .This class has completely twisted the meaning of superstition under the name of faith. The most important factor which creates superstition in societies is ignorance. In the past some people considered elliptical events as being the wrath of god.

While,  in superstition if the cause of eclipse was clear for people, such beliefs have no place among people or some people call sneezing waiting signal while in medical science  in superstition it is clear that sneezing with a foreign object especially a soft object is to remove foreign material from the nose as believed in superstition.


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