In Superstition Solar Eclipse is a Natural Phenomenon

In superstition Solar eclipse is a natural phenomenon that occurs when the moon comes in between the sun and the earth, blocking light from the sun of the stories in superstition. This cast a huge shadow on the earth.

During this time the sun’s corona becomes clearly visible for superstition. Other planets like the mercury and Venus too come between the sun and the earth but they are too far away to cause an impact of superstition. Superstition the moon on the other hand is 400 times closer to the earth and during the solar eclipse they look equal sized of superstition. In Superstition Solar eclipse has been traditionally observed as an ominous sigh and therefore superstitions abound in association with this natural phenomenon depending on the culture of superstition.

In Superstition it is believed that during the eclipse the sun is swallowed by demons, dragons or devilish dogs. In Superstition Pregnant women have traditionally been waxed to stay indoors and do not to cut vegetables if they wanted healthy babies without congenital anomalies such assign of superstition.


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