Superstition is Child of Ignorance and Mother of Misery

Some of deception and opportunistic people have used superstition as a way to gain wealth or their evil thoughts in issues such as lust. Many people gain much financial revenue in prayer writing, daily horoscope predictions as it is superstition.

Especially women are being subjected to sexual and moral abuse in superstition. This issue is so prevalent and obvious in the society that does not need more explanation. Superstition seems that these factors are the main causes of superstitions in a given society. There are factor which are effective in superstition creating superstition but are not essential like the three mentioned such as The human tendency to myth-making which causes exaggeration in explaining of superstition some abilities of religious figures of superstition   some people with false fying sayings want to create love in people regarding to religious issues particularly among some Sufis of superstition.

Some scholar scientific weakness and errors in providing religious education. Superstitions and Religion Superstition is child of ignorance and mother of misery.


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