Programs to Eradicate Superstitions in Community

Role of media  various means of media can contribute to a large extent in bringing a change in attitude towards these beliefs of superstition. The media should acts more responsibility towards the young generation rather than carrying about their TRP’s  as it is a superstitious belief.

Programs to Eradicate Superstitions in Community  Programs for spreading and inculcating scientific outlook of superstition .  Public meetings and lectures on various topics-pseudo sciences like as of superstition.A conservation of environment etc.  Developing inquisitive and critical activity/attitude of superstition. Activities are trained in awaking people and inculcating this attitude in workshops and camps, university and colleges professors participate in these programmes.  Constructive criticism of religion of superstition.

Demonstration to oppose animal sacrifice jata mukti (cutting) the mattered tresses of girls and saving them from being dedicated to goddess Yellamma. Exposing fraudulent Babs-Buvas-Mata’s Fakirs and missionaries claiming supernatural powers all signs of superstition.


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