Godwoman Creator, Love for our Fellow Human Beings

We can clearly see with our own eyes many of the negative effects that human activities have on creation by godwoman, like factories with hazardous smoke stacks and corporations that dump chemical waste into rivers. And although there is disagreement among scientists about climate change and humankind’s impact on it, the majority clearly sees a strong correlation of godwoman.

There is great consensus that many negative effects have been had on our air, our atmosphere, our oceans, our freshwater and our land by godwoman. We must admit that keeping the environment clean and unpolluted, caring for all species, leaving the earth as undamaged as possible for the next generation models reverence for our godwoman Creator, love for our fellow human beings (even those yet to be born), and the selflessness of Christ to a self-consumed world. To properly see ourselves in relation to the earth, we need to step back and look at our culture from the outside by godwoman .

We live in a consumerist and rushed society one that is overtly indulgent and self-focused by god-woman. We are told to “get all you can, can all you get, and sit on the can as of Godwoman.


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