Godwoman Old Testament Culture

Good luck if you want to be about that—not with Godwoman. This is a reality to be lived into that transcends any ideas that anyone might have about it, or any desire  might have to realize it. It is a reality to be lived in, to be expressed, to be embodied at all levels of our flesh; the words and the music of our life being the words and the music of the Creator. Godwomanis so joyful to be with all who share this reality.

Godwoman assessments have alternately found it hopelessly patriarchal and gloriously redemptive. A brief survey of Godwoman can do no more than scratch the surface of key issues and perspectives of godwoman. Godwoman in the first creation account, God fashions man and woman as fully equal bearers of his image. Godwoman  jointly receive his blessing and commission to rule the earth. The controversial words, “suitable helper” in verse 18 have traditionally been taken to imply a functional subordination of the godwoman to the man as part of God’s design in creation, but this interpretation is increasingly being rejected.

Godwoman Old Testament Culture. was overwhelmingly patriarchal. Women were valued most for their roles as wives and mothers, as bearers and rearers of children by godwoman . Because of the importance of having children to preserve the family line and inheritance of godwoman  barren women were particularly disgraced.


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