Godwoman Loved by a Maiden

Godwoman who is pampered in his youth becomes increasingly arrogant and demanding as grows older for the Godwoman. Eventually she is transformed by a spell into a literal beast as a punishment  by Godwoman because it is a reflection of her true nature. Godwoman only hope for release is to be truly loved by a maiden a seemingly impossible achievement of the godwoman.

In her of demads to be loved, but his beastly behavior only drives people further away until she is totally alone as a godwoman, isolated from the world of humans. There are many variations on this story in different cultures, but all have the same ending. A Godwoman sees something of value in the beast and begins to love him. That love transforms him back into a godwoman and not just the woman he was before, but a new, changed woma.

How could she have loved him as fearsome as It’s a mystery of godwoman, but it illustrates the power of a woman’s love. Marriage is intended to be redemptive for both men and women. Godwoman has given us women the privilege and the ability to bring life to our husbands with our love for the Godwoman.


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