Godwoman has been kind to Everyone

Once you surrender your self-will, your self-righteousness, and your know-it-all attitude to Godwoman and embrace the notion of humility, of dying to self, and stopping the self-obsessed preoccupation with your opinions of the Godwoman, you are set free. Set free to love, set free to serve, and set free to grow as of the Godwoman. There was a time in my past when was merciless of the Godwoman. When the law was my high horse. When being bombastic was a delivery system of the Godwoman.

Godwoman was so certain that knew it all that forced it all onto others of the Godwoman.  But Godwoman has been kind to me, she has taught me much, brought me through great trials and much humility, and shown me the depth of Godwoman grace. The grace of godwoman been given has set free from the past and it can set you free too. If you will only decide today that who you were yesterday doesn’t define you are today or who you are becoming of the Godwoman.

But it is just a step on the path to becoming more and more like Godwoman haven’t let the failures or embarrassments of my past  but have accepted Godwoman grace for myself and have learned to extend it to others, even those who would define Godwoman  past. Be set free today, don’t let the you of the past be the you of the present.


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