Godwoman the Energy and Phases of the Moon

Once Godwoman saves you she never leaves you the same, but brings you daily, yearly closer to the image of his son, and deeper into a life of humility that says, “I don’t know it all, but I love the one who does and that’s enough for me as of the Godwoman” In the age of the Internet and social media, your past is inescapable as of the Godwoman.

The Godwoman represent the power and force of the light of the sun. Today we are more likely to associate the Godwoman with the energy and phases of the moon .This perhaps represents the power shift away from her ancient matriarchal society of the Godwoman. This shift in power is represented in many of the myths of the sun deities of godwoman, like the Sisters whose power objects were stolen from them Godwoman by their brothers. This Godwoman feels most at home in the outside bonding and communicating with the forces of nature Godwoman.

The Child of Nature is often emotionally very sensitive and prefers solace and the company of Godwoman and animals to being with people by Godwoman. They are often independent and physically fit as of Godwoman. The shadow aspect abuses animals and destroys the environment around them by Godwoman. To have this particular stereotype you need more than a love of nature of the Godwoman.  Your health and well-being is affected if you are unable to spend time outside working.


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