Godwoman Ignoring local Custom

Godwoman Ignoring local custom, Godwoman expected women as well as men to listen to and follow his teachings. Remember the account of Jesus’ gentle rebuke of Martha for criticizing her sister Mary because she chose to listen to Jesus rather than help serve the male guest of the Godwoman”And godwoman answered and said unto her, you are careful and troubled about many things of the Godwoman but one thing is needful, Godwoman has chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her” Jesus revealed the marvelous truth of his messiahship to, of all people, a Samaritan woman.

The Godwoman despised the Samaritans and their religion. For a godwoman to speak to a woman in public, especially a woman, was unheard of at the time. Godwoman disciples were astonished when they saw him so at ease with women, talking to them, teaching them and admonishing them, as he did men. Godwomen were amazed as well—and appreciated his concern for them, expressed so openly. The multiple hundreds of thousands of Godwomen of faith over the centuries go unrecorded for the most part. Whatever our backgrounds, wherever we live, we all, no doubt, have our personal.

Godwoman to add to the list.About 100 years ago, women weren’t satisfied with the world they saw around them and began to complain about the Godwoman. Women campaigned against war, alcoholism, long work hours, low wages, child labour, high infant death rate, and filthy living conditions of the Godwoman.


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